The  DraftBottle  Story

I just wanted to cut my grass and have a beer!

Like most inventions or ideas, they are born out of a need to help solve a problem, and if it involves beer, you better believe I will be motivated to solve it! So, what is that problem? How do you enjoy your draft beer or glass beer in places where you don’t want plastic cups and/or you want the feel of holding a classic beer bottle? – That is where DraftBottle comes in!

A few years ago I was getting ready to do some yard work and I wanted to enjoy the beer I had on tap in my kegerator. There were a few problems, the plastic cups are too open, and grass and bugs fall into it, it gets warm, it spills easily, etc etc etc. Then I thought, why isn’t there a beer bottle that opens below the neck so I can fill it up with draft beer?? DraftBottle was born!

What you see to the left is what I scribbled down on a piece of paper to remember my idea. What you can also see, is those years of art school, really paid off. I sent that masterpiece to a friend who is a patent attorney and the journey began!





"Necessity is the mother of invention." - Plato

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." - Ben Franklin

The Design Patent Artwork of DraftBottle

DraftBottle unscrews below the neck allowing you to easily fill it with 1 Pint (16oz in the cup, the bottle will hold 22oz total) of draft beer, glass bottled beer, beer from a growler, mixed drinks or any other beverage! It’s made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel, and the base cup is double walled and vacuum sealed to keep your brew cold! The reusable cap helps to stop spills and prevent unwanted debris from getting in.

The exterior is powder coated to help durability, it’s sweat-proof, and has a leak-proof seal around the separation. DraftBottle is eco-friendly, BPA free and is dishwasher-safe!

Now, past your home keg and yard work, you can use DraftBottle around the pool where you don’t want glass bottles, our to dinner or at a buds house and you brought a growler, at a BBQ, tailgating, BYOB restaurants, the options are endless!

Design Patent Approved and Issued

In March of 2019, I was informed that our 2 design patents for a screw and snap together convertible container were approved, we immediately went to work finding a manufacturer and began the process of making production molds and putting together a launch budget.

We were initially going to run a crowd -funding campaign, but decided to fund the project internally and get DraftBottle out to you as quickly as possible. By the time our patents were issued in June of 2019, we had begun production on samples, and had our 1st run scheduled and our launch date set.

We are proud of everything we have achieved so far, and I look forward to creating more design styles, sizes, and new products as we grow. Thank you for taking the time to learn our story, and we hope you enjoy DraftBottle, cheers!

Pictured below is DraftBottle Owner & Inventor, Chris Lyons.

DraftBottle Owner & Inventor Chris Lyons