Why DraftBottle?

Let's face it, we all hate spills, drinks getting warm, sand or other unwanted things getting in our bottles/cups, or even worse, broken glass! DraftBottle was created to help enjoy drinks without the worry of spills or breakage, while still keeping your beverage cold and sealed (if needed).

Having trouble fitting your favorite beer bottle in those bottle holders? DraftBottle allows you to pour any beer/beverage in and enjoy!

– Simply unscrew and detach your DraftBottle just below the neck and fill it with 1 Pint (16 oz, the perfect amount, but it will hold 22oz total) of your favorite beer or other beverage. We have made sure to make the detachable section with a leak proof washable ring to help make sure nothing spills while enjoying your suds.

BUILT TO LAST – DraftBottle is made from superior 18/8 Stainless Steel, making sure yours will last! Constructed so your brew will always have a pure, clean taste that won’t retain or transfer flavors.

DOUBLE WALLED & VACUUM SEALED – The base of the bottle is double walled & vacuum sealed to help keep beer cold. Vacuum insulation is the removal of air between the interior wall and exterior wall of the base cup which drastically reduces the convection process and maintains the original temperature for a longer period of time.

POWDER COATING – Powder coating (not available on Stainless Steel bottles) is the most attractive, incredibly durable and high-quality finish available. It is environmentally friendly, virtually pollution-free and highly resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, corrosion, chemicals and weather.

DOUBLE-WALLED SWEAT-PROOF – A double walled exterior with a vacuum between the walls will never leave a puddle on your desk, table top, in your cup holder, in your hand or drip on your shirt.

REUSABLE CAP – Keep your brew sealed to keep it cold and prevent dirt and debris during yard-work, bbq's or those long walks alone. Wash and reuse the cap and bottle over and over!

DISHWASHER-SAFE – The Stainless Steel construction makes the bottle easy to clean, detach the cap and 2 main parts of the bottle to easily wash the exterior and interior, even in the dishwasher.

ECO-FRIENDLY & BPA FREE – Non-toxic and BPA free, always a good thing!

UNLIMITED USES – Wash and re-use over and over, stainless steel does not leach or retain and flavors or stains from prior uses.


Just about anywhere!! Here are a few we thought of...
• Tailgating
• On the Beach
• Around the Pool
• On the Boat
• Beer/Music Fests
• Golfing
• As a Crowler
• In the yard